Stan Smith

This pair works with any wardrobe you choose. You can wear it with black, grey, yellow… That’s why wherever you go you can spot it. This pair is iconic.

What is so special about it?


Before it became a sneaker just for fashion, it was a tennis shoe. Before it was called Stan Smith, it was called Haillet after the tennis player Robert Haillet. The backside of the shoe was green and made out of hardened material to protect the Achilles’ heel. However, today the green color is kept for fashion purposes instead of practicality.

The tongue had a picture of Haillet, and later on the picture of Stan Smith when the name was changed.

Haillet-x-Smith-bw-copy-910x600.jpg                   5-adidas-stan-smith-haillet-1978-arnoa-kicks-box.jpg


In 2008, the original Stan Smith were sold again by Adidas. This pair is a widespread success given that more than 30 million pairs were sold since 1971. Moreover, customized and special editions are still being made to this day while preserving the original design.

These shoes are examples of special editions of Stan Smith.


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