Wondergaap’s new video clip and EP release

After featuring a goat (what?!!) in a video clip can Wondergaap possibly  produce more original ideas?goat.jpeg

In a video clip for to the meadow, this new character struck the lights.

Most people were (still are) Intrigued by their identities. Wondergaap is a Lebanese Indie Rock band originally started by Michel Mouawad and Rayan Sayegh five years ago when they were in school to capitalise on their talents. Now the band is now made up of Ryan Fayad, Kevin Abboud, Michel Mouawad and Rayan Sayegh. The name “Wondergaap” isn’t just another benign name. There’s a meaning behind it. Wondergaap should represent a gap full of wonders. When you have the chance to get in it, you would understand new things about yourself and you wouldn’t want to get out. Thus, we can see absurd things like the video clip or the weird make up on Rayan’s face.


Their new single gothic park isn’t just about the musical talent, it’s also about the visual beauty. The video is directed by Karl Hadife. Insanity is apparent in the video by the choice of the location and the clothing. The angles used aren’t the most usual ones. The choice of the theme shows just how much Wondergaap is evolving from what is purely musical to encompass all of the senses.

Last Friday, they released their new EP Downtown Of Mistakes in Beirut Open Space. The music surrounding the lyrics are just unique.27913134_1335176106584365_7381337064329722270_o.jpg

As for their logo, they also used it to stress on the idea of “a gap of wonders”. Given that in the 2000s minimalism is the most appealing this is the logo27972451_1342084445893531_8280364744140724572_n.jpg

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