Undiscovered inner poet

After the accident I could not walk any more, I could not stand upright anymore. Doing any exerting physical activity was an impossibility for me. The only getaway was assured by me staying in bed. So during my whole experience of the accident, I have been writing.

My writings vary between poetry and prose. I knew that i had the talent but writing poetry uniquely for the mere beauty of words was undiscovered before the crash. The only tone of the documents I produced was informative. I used to write short but concise papers for the courses I was enrolled in.

Let me reiterate, writing for me is like going to a club on a Friday night. I cannot drink alcohol anymore, but poetry gives me an analogous self fulfillment.


I used to work on university projects for my friends and used to get them 90s. But I wanted the topics that I write about to be chosen by me!(I am that much of an egotistical individual)

without further ado, here is my personally favorite excerpt of a poem I wrote:

Roses are red

Violets are blue


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