Emotions are real

When we are feeling blue for a while we automatically say that we are depressed. When someone around us is agitated we assume that he is hyperactive. If someone gets mad for a reason we don’t know we say that he’s bipolar. But, in that case, why are psychologists and psychiatrists still important to our society?


You can only exactly know your emotional state if a trained professional diagnoses it. The most common problem that they are trained to solve is depression.We live in a society where change of environment is imminent. People are prone to changing schools, live in foreign countries (Arab countries in the case of Lebanon), go abroad to study in universities or to get jobs. These changes make it more probable for these people to be social outcasts – or at young ages, get bullied. This is a good environment for the development of depression.


To solve this serious problem a psychologist or a psychiatrist can help. However, in our society, any individual who has one is labelled as “mentally deranged”; so it’s harder for anyone suffering from any kind of emotional disorder to seek help.

We need to be more educated about our emotional wellbeing.


Side note: Main difference between psychiatrist and psychotherapist.


A psychiatrist has the authority to prescribe FDA approved drugs whereas a psychologist can only advise to see a psychiatrist.

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