This is one of the most fascinating body parts. It raises lots of questions: why are we attracted to it when looking for a potential mate given that it doesn’t play any central reproductive┬árole? Why are we the only mammals that have to wipe it? Why is it called a “bottom” while geometrically it’s in the middle of a human body? Why is it so taboo? Most importantly, what is its evolutionary role?

Tackling these questions isn’t that easy to do but it’s considerably enlightening.

Looking at the development of the human body, growing up, as a girl becomes sexually mature, she develops breasts and her hips widen. Similarly, a boy gets wider shoulders and increased musculature. Wider hip and increased musculature both lead to bigger butts.


We are the only ones who wipe it, but we aren’t the only ones to clean it.┬áhqdefault.jpg

Animals have cleaning rituals but they are different! We use toilet paper or bidets depending on our culture. We do so because we have butt cheeks. We are the only mammals to be bipedal. Humans can be faster than horses in endurance.

We have big powerful hip extensor muscles (glutes) that help us maintain upright posture in standing, walking, etc. Those muscles make up our butt cheeks mostly, along with fat. I suppose animals that walk on all fours don’t need them as much.

Socially, this organ is not always approved. We see that there are regulations over the use of the word in the media.

So every time you say “dat ass” think of it as a main reason of your nice living


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