Abstaining for half a year!

Stopping yourself from enjoying what you like for a long period isn’t the easiest thing to do. Personally, I enjoy masturbating (you read it right!). Based on empirical facts, you can return to normal, reboot, within 90 days of stopping this activity. Seeing all of the success stories and that I can’t stop this stupid activity made me feel worthless. But then, I did my accident! I couldn’t do it anymore because my right hand stopped functioning as I wanted. This went for 7 months and is still going to this day!

This trivial happening has its upsides:

Increased energy

Testosteron.svg.pngTestosterone is the right hormone for most men. When there’s more of it you have: a better cardiovascular condition, hotter blood, more muscle, better cognition, more sex drive and more. According to a 2003 study conducted in china, testosterone levels increased by 45.7% just by stopping masturbation for 7 days. Many experience a high usually dubbed the surge. People who stop masturbating, or fapping, usually look for that particular feeling.

Increased self-confidence

f8bf5a4f-0745-45e6-b57a-3cc95f1bd3cf.jpgYou’ll be second guessing yourself less and ill start sticking to your own opinions. This will get you more informed of your opinion: if you’re wrong you’ll know why. This self-confidence would let you meet people who will probably be your group and you will provide them value! Self-confidence can be the cure to most of Maslow’s pyramid needs of staying happy.

Sexual conditioning thrown away


Imagine being able to appreciate the beauty of women without immediately thinking of sleeping with them! Imagine being able to reach happiness by something not sexual. This is hard to do within men because porn is so widespread!

Many websites let you in communities that inclined to stop masturbating like reddit’s nofap or No Fap. But, for me, the accident is what helped!

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