Do you have the time?

Time? Do I have it really? Is it something to possess? If we think a bit about this construct, it’s a complex one! Being immortal makes a decade look like nothing, whereas on a dying bed, every second counts.

This is only the starting point of how we see time. We need a more concise way to think. In the SI unit convention, by definition, a second is the time that elapses during 9,192,631,770 cycles of the radiation produced by the transition between two levels of the cesium 133 atom. But I know that a day is subdivided into 24 hours which, in turn, are divided into 3600 seconds. Shouldn’t the definition of a second be related to that? No, this isn’t exact enough!Csscale.gif

This was just a little insight on our perception of time. Now, let’s think of its existence in essence. By the second law of thermodynamics,  the total disorder measured can never decrease over time for an isolated system.

isolated system: a system in which neither energy nor matter can enter nor leave

The world is an isolated system. This law holds on us.

So, the disorder of the Universe is bounded by time. In other words, this measure is asymmetrical with respect to time. Some scientists even go further and say that entropy causes time not the other way around!The-Great-Everything-High-Entropy-Arrow-Of-Time.jpg

Now, let’s see where my problem is. The only way humans can think is through logic. It is bounded by cause/consequence which, in turn, are bounded by time. So when we cannot explain time, we are paralyzed by our only way of thought.

So when I’m asked “do you have the time” I’d think of all of that but I only say “yes”.

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