The Pavement Beirut

Founder of @thepavementbeirut online shoe boutique was a lifestyle journalist who later found herself seeing a lack in the market for trendy affordable shoes that are crafted at European quality standards. She decided to go the extra mile, and rather than design and produce her shoes in Lebanon, she produces her pieces in Italy – the land of fine shoemaking. She decided to remove the gimmicks of marketing and branding and give the client a raw and clean shoe at its most accessible price-quality ratio. The idea is to give the client a timeless piece that is handcrafted and that will last her through several seasons and not just make her a fashion victim over the course of a few months.She took the Oxford, a traditional pair, and got creative with its colors. Usually, the colors used in this particular style are neutral colors like navy blue, brown, black and beige. The Pavement introduced more feminine colors like pink, lilac, burgundy and python mixtures. Some oxford pieces even went for glitter! The La 6ème oxfords range @thepavementbeirut has positioned itself as “the” corporate shoe for the woman on the go but at the same time a strong feminine one. Today, it’s becoming the replacement for the ballerina.As for other designs, the Pavement is also known for its high heels range👠. Designs are taken from the runway where extravagant colors and styles are most popular and their styles are toned down to fit an off runway everyday lifestyle. Now, instead of being a victim of fashion, the wearer can keep up with the trends while wearing a piece that looks timeless and creative all at once. You can keep up with the new shoes designed by @thepavementbeirut on instagram or contact the Pavement on +961767262 to buy a pair.

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