The fake Facebook account experiment

Forgetting your email password has its positive points. You have to create a new one instead of recovering the old one. So far, I have forgotten 3 of my passwords, that makes 3 different email addresses! To create a new Facebook account, you need a none unused email address. Lucky for me! I have forgotten my password 3 times!

Recently, I wrote a new book. To promote it, I am active on social media. But my personal account cannot handle so many friends so what I did is I created a fake one. I am going to let you in on my thought process while creating this account. One of the most used names in Lebanon is George. One of the most used last names is Haddad. So I called myself George Haddad. It has been an hour since I have created this fake account and I have been getting friend requests like crazy!

Because I want for my account to seem like one made by a regular person, I included my picture as a profile photo. I also said that George works for Youthfountain. Now, he seems like a decent guy with a decent job. All what I am doing here is to promote my book and in the process, I am testing the security of a virtual online profile.

Now, here is an excerpt of this book:

Originally, I was born in a Christian family in Australia, back in 1997, so I am Australian by birth. My family flew back to Lebanon because my father didn’t want us to grow up as foreigners. After all, we will have the Arab values in a country that has a different culture.

I had a problem with my right foot, I was born with no ankle. I also had asthma. My vision was skewed. I was a conglomerate of problems for man’s health. I felt like the hospital was a second home to me.

I used to most frequently hear that I should wear a sweater. The season I used to hate the most was winter because, in my head, it was linked with this itchy sweater. I got better with time and I got enrolled in school at age of four. I was accepted in Frères Maristes Jbeil, a Catholic school. Preschoolers used to wear red uniforms and older students used to wear grey uniforms. My dream at that point was to wear a grey uniform, I was a visionary!

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