Disruption and the refusal of what is already set by society is a really important part of renovation.

We see that most of the creators of new things are people who think differently. But our educational process focuses on taking only one idea to its extremes. This is why straight-A students aren’t necessarily successful ones. More than ever, we live in a world that needs multitaskers. I would prefer, for example, an engineer who is pleasant to talk to but is decently good over an engineer who is excellent at what he does but lacks a lot in terms of expressing himself. If we go deeper in this idea, most of the excellently good artists were performing really badly in their schools. An example to the thought that most of the really good performers in their respective fields were really bad in their schoolwork is Leila el-Khazen. The latter used to be the last in class she even failed the French baccalaureate which was made in such a way that most of the people who are taking it would almost surely pass it. I got a 16 upon it and didn’t even study. i could have done it with my eyes closed, my hands tied behind my back and with my right foot to be honest. Leila is now a part of the honours list of her major, architecture in the university of Pennsylvania. Universities are more prone to advancements than schools. So success, while is best assessed in the work life, is better seen in the university life than in school life because university and its workings is more linked to the actual job that the individual is seeking. Leila is a good example that schoolwork doesn’t show the real potential of a person. We should be aware of the fact that our institutions are really uni-lateral in a multi lateral world. If we want to reach success we should be much like the world we live in. In our case what we should be able to think of multiple things at once which is not taught in our institutions.

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