The Maslow’s pyramid

In classical psychology, happiness can be seen through the Maslow’s pyramid.maslow-needs

Upper level needs for happiness can only happen if the lower levels are satisfied.

First, there are physiological needs such as the need to breathe or to eat. Only then, we get motivated by the next thing which is safety: We try to earn money, secure resources and try to protect ourselves from possible threats. When we feel safe, we start to think of trying to belong and to get the feeling that we are genuinely loved. At stage 4, we look for esteem and respect from our peers. When this exists, we look for self actualisation. The smart guy tries to show off his wits and the athletic person puts forward his physical abilities. This blog is the perfect example of the Maslow’s pyramid: I’m publishing my writings to self-actualize and to show my abilities off! Or am I?

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