Waking up from the coma, i thought i was in a very vivid dream. A dream that had five senses, i used to taste and smell a lot and I thought it was a part of my dream, But things got fishy. Trying new taste would not be possible if one’s experience is based on memory. So the idea of me stuck in a very vivid dream started to crumble. Furthermore I used to think i was in my grandmothers house but i was at Bhannes hospital. I used to remember the people that paid a visit but i remembered them in different occasions than the actual one. the line between reality and fiction became thinner. With this in mind i had an existential crisis (as if you took the cheese away from Jerry). This. Fact made me think more about metaphysics to the point where i got very interested in philosophy so i bought books about philosophy. I was marked the most by an introductory book on this topic. It said that metaphysics is what you do when you have nothing else to do, it is what you practice when you are not busy by life’s stressors. On that note i got familiar with another branch of philosophy which is ontology. The latter is a reasonable study of religion. Own my opinion ontology is a better alternative to liturgic studies, because it is a logical way to look at religion. Leading up on this branch convinced me to take it as another major next to CCE. I think that if you study  ontology seriously you would reach spiritual enlightenment in my opinion.

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