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The Guiness book of world records is nothing but a publicity stunt pulled off by Ogilvy to give exposure to Guiness, the English beer, in the US. Ogilvy is the world’s very best marketing firm. In the Middle East, the workings of the company are apparent!

Here, in the Arab countries, this firm chooses the elite as its employees. Paul Boulos was one of the creators of the LBC website. He worked with the top 5 marketing firms in our region. Now, he works there as their marketing consultant. But he has a different call too.

He can draw really good paintings that leave an impact and a pretty memorable impression!IMG_9101

Usually a sunset is linked with positive thoughts. But what we see is that the color red is predominant in this drawing. So it leaves a negative impression. We can also see white birds. This is a symbol of peace. This painting is another way to illustrate the duality of life.

In eastern Asia, the yin yang is the popular symbol of the duality of life.

He got inspired by this profile picture that his daughter put up on whatsAppIMG_9102

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