hypnogramKnowing just about how sleep works will make you feel refreshed the next day. But observing our own sleep šŸ’¤Ā patterns is a mere impossibility. So what happens when we sleep? Sleep is divided into five stage

Stages of sleep

Light Ā sleep

Stage 1:

This is the transition between wakefulness and sleep time. The brain waves start to slow down, and you become more relaxed. In this stage, you are easily awaken. This phase lasts for about 5-10 mins.

Stage 2:

Your body temperature starts to drop and your heart rate starts slow down. The body gets prepared for deep sleep. This phase usually lasts for 20 mins.

deep sleepĀ 

Stage 3:

This is considered as the first stage of the deep sleep phase. Delta waves, which are very slow brain waves start to get produced. The body makes the repairs it needs. this is considered as a transitional phase between light and deep sleep.

Stage 4:

In this stage, we can see deeper sleep than stage 3. We actually enter a state of paralysis.

Stage 5: (REM sleep – Rapid eye movementĀ )

This stage usually happens 90 mins into sleeping. We can see eye movement and increased brain activity and respiration. The brain activity is what causes us to dream. this stage usually lasts 10 mins.

That’s right, you only dream for sessions of 10Ā minutes!!

Going back to the chart, deep sleep mainly happens in the first 5 to 6 hours


With that in mind, does a typical adultĀ reallyĀ need ten hours of sleep?


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