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Having this much qualities and such a little outcome made me doubt my own abilities. I was a really socially awkward person. I used to take into consideration what people used to think of me. So when we are many in a room, I used to be really silent. In a nutshell, I was a social wreck. I used to only enjoy the company of my own self. I thought that something had to change. Oh and by the way, this was back when i was a sixteen-year-old-testosterone-filled boy. Back then I thought that there was a really cute and seriously sexy girl i wanted to go out with. Being an avid reader, I read that women’s actions get really irrational when their feelings are heightened. So I thought to myself “when was the last time my heart started pumping and I had to use my fight or flight response?” The answer to this is that when my friend lost his phone. Having problems with my self-confidence, I thought that if I wanted to go out with a girl, she should be thinking irrationally to accept my company. So i figured that I should let her be worried about my lost phone and then surprise her with something nice like a flower.

I went to Jbeil at noon so I could have plenty of time. Then, I hid a flower somewhere hard but not impossible to find. We were at night, I told her I lost my phone. We looked for the “lost” phone everywhere in the city. When I thought I “searched” long enough, I decided to give her the flower. Piece of advise: don’t you even think of doing this. Going back to that day, I feel like I loved to put myself in creative awkward situations.

Read the rest on the 9th of January

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