Citizen of the world or the galaxy

Holding the biggest, grandest, hugest (if that’s even a word) festival created by young university guys in the middle east is a really big responsibility to take care of. Last year, Lost Frequencies was a lead artist of the show.

Each year, the theme is different. It used to be centered around a city. But last year, the organizers decided that they can only convey so much with one city as their theme, so they decided to create their own city which is a collection of parts of worldwide destination.

To make this created city a bit more appealing they added in the color factor. So it named itself: because this destination is so colorful they should include the word “color” in the name. Because visitors are supposed to stop to see the wonders of the world’s finest cities, they included the word “stop” in the name. So, the city that was created by students is thus called “colorstop”.

Fast forward a year after the idea of a worldwide city, the organizers thought that they need to take this a step further. That’s what they did! The theme was: “Alien abduction” and the main character was Farid, a Lebanese version of the alien.

Last year, a worldwide city was created. This year, the range became the whole universe ! It’s only natural that they gave away with every ticket sold last year bracelets written on them “citizen of the world” and with every ticket sold this year bracelets written on them “citizen of the galaxy”. This is a way to deliver a message of peace.

This team shows just how much leadership skills can really help society grow and prosper! Can’t wait to see what they have in store this year!!

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