Barber that wouldn’t settle for medocre

Story time! Last year, I was so into Christmas that I grew my beard and wanted to bleach it in order to turn it white. So I asked Rawad Sarkis, a friend of mine who works in costumes for movies, to give me someone’s number who can pull this feat off.

He gave me Tony Mendelek’s phone number. I was really eager to schedule an appointment and to go do this! That’s exactly what I did.

I entered his salon, a worker there asked me if I want coffee. Let me repeat that. At a barber shop, a worker asked me if I wanted coffee. I said no. They lead me to the chair where I should sit to wait. Damn! That chair was comfy! The bleachimg was done twice so that my  beard won’t look blonde. They know what they are doing. To make sure that my beard would stay white they gave it a silver reflection.

You might think that the story should revolve around people’s reactions to the fact that I looked like Santa but in my opinion, it should really take into consideration the technical expertise of the people who made my white beard happenUnknown-1

This is a photo of me after they turned my beard white

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