Fakhreddine el awal doesn’t even exist


You mean all of what we have learnt to this day in history in schools is nothing but lies? Yes says Marwan Abi Fadel,PHD in history, in an article he wrote.

Studies have showed that in the sixteenth century, the Ottoman emperor Selim I didn’t get impressed by a Lebanese speaker because he wasn’t actually visited. Some speculations say that the Lebanese people needed a mythological figure to raise their faith in their country

Being a student that used to excel in the Sciences and in Mathematics to be more specific, I used to hate History’s spine and Arabic!

What made me love these two matters is my reading of this guy’s book: تاريخ لبنان القديم في الكتب المدرسية اللبنانية (من القرن التاسع عشر حتى الْيَوْمَ.

It shows the evolution of the nation that we call today Lebanon (this very land wasn’t always called “Lebanon”)

Reading this book made me feel a bit more involved in our own culture.Unknown

Worth a read








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