The story of a completely stupid Nobody who’s actually a decent Somebody

Hi, my name is Chadi Abi Fadel and at age of twenty years old I did an accident, a car crash to be more specific. I can’t get any better even though people think that my situation is one of the worst after all, I can’t move my left leg properly, my speech got effed up, my left-right coordination died out. With all of these negative points in mind, and in despite of them, my perspective as a whole changed and I feel more refreshed than I used to before the accident.

This book will not be filled with all of the motivational bull crap. You will not see any advice of what I learned in my near-death experience. You will not be more enlightened than before. You will not be a mathematical genius or the next Stephen Hawking. You will not get the secret of making a million dollars or how to influence people. This book will by no means make you the king of hypnosis or a miracle guy/gal with a snap of your fingers. This will, at best, give you a better understanding of my life.

Now that I’ve gotten your hopes and expectations down, I hope that you will find just an aspect in my totally useless existence and life story that helps you solve a problem. Any problem, to be honest, would be more than enough. What I’m hoping to do here is to spark up your mind and invite you to think a bit differently (don’t sue me apple for using your slogan)

I will be as honest as I can be while writing about my life and my feelings during this roller coaster. One of the main points that make me who I am is my thought process and the thoughts created alongside it. By essence I am someone who naturally defends himself by staying somewhat mysterious and sharing a little about myself. With that in mind this book goes totally against my initial lifestyle.

Hope you’d enjoy my writing, have fun.

The rest is still in the workings, stay tuned!

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