Maintaining eye contact

The topic of maintaining eye contact seems as a cliché and overused one. Yet, it is still a very important one when it comes to social interactions. So eye contact is a really important topic to get us thinking 🤔 . When someone of high importance to us talks, we tend to look at them. So, by analogy, when we focus on eye contact, we make the other person feel important.

Serar Tayfour, while a lot of topics come into my mind when I hear her name, is a really good example of this topic. We met on Bliss street. During our whole interaction, she maintained eye contact and made feel as important as, if not more important than, King Arthur. The feeling I got while talking to her made me so happy that I became willing to do any favor.

Maintaining eye contact makes the other feel really important and willing to do virtually anything you ask them to do!

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