The fine line between lecturing and sharing

If you are anywhere as smart as I am (that’s modesty) you would feel insulted if someone lectures you. Being a freethinker has its downsides. When talking we should always focus on our tone, for instance having a lecturing tone we would seem a bit too arrogant but having a sharing tone would feel down to earth

A good example of someone who can give off a sharing tone is Karim Nouaihed. 2 years ago he was in my engineering drawing class, he used to have a very short temper and wasn’t social. At first I hated the guts out of this guy but then his true colors showed. As much as the front that he puts on seems too aggressive, he’s sweet inside, the thing that you would notice is his sharing tone instead of other people’s lecturing tone. His down to earth personality is what makes him a good person to not let go of

We should adopt a sharing tone and have a sharing mentality too.

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