Spread love

If you do bad things to people, expect that they would do bad things in return. In other words, you sow what you harvest. So the idea of spreading love is a logical one because using this logic you’ll get acts that reflect love as their basis.

you may enjoy spreading love but the person on the opposite side would only see the positive act and reciprocate. He/She would not see your doings and find the intent.

A real love-spreader is Christina El Achkar, this person spreads love because she enjoys this fact. The first time I met this girl, my speech was filled with hate towards girls who used to go to Nazareth (her former school) instead of going crazy about the bad things I said, she greeted me with open arms. I felt like if I continued my hate speech I would come off as a classy asshole.

What we can learn from Christina is that sometimes spreading love is a really good defense mech that actually costs nothing.

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