Galway girl

Ed Sheeran lately published a song that really reflects how I admire a girl. When he let Galway girl out, I was fresh in my coma. I woke up seeing that the people in my surroundings are really enjoying its tune and the guy’s energy conveyed by the usually romantic and soothing singer 👩‍🎤 .

The lyrics of this song are what really struck me. She played the fiddle (a violin that is usually played in Irish 🍀 folkloric music) but she fancied an English guy. This really shows that she loves a person for who they are not what their surroundings make them.

Whether the story is a real one or a work of fiction, it has lots of realistic features. Given that the singer is who comes up with the lyrics, it’s either he has a really elaborate imagination assuming the story is a work of fiction or he is bluntly honest if it is in fact a true story. He said that he met her outside of a bar out on Grafton Street which is a popular shopping destination in Dublin. She asked him about the tattoo he has on his right arm which translates to : When I need to get home, you’re my guiding light. This is a reference to the northern Irish singer Foy Vance, the words are taken from the lyrics of the song “guiding light” where Vance is the main singer and in which Sheeran is a featured artist. It is credited that Vance is a co-writer of this song.

He mentions one detail of a specific object instead of literally naming the object. For example; instead of mentioning the word “beer”, he called it Arthur. Arthur Guinness was a famous brewer who pioneered the famous beer Guinness. He also said that there was with them Johnnie who was riding a shotgun. Johnnie Walker is an Irish whiskey 🥃 . Saying both Arthur and Johnnie instead of just whiskey and beer adds to the meaning intended. Ed Sheeran is familiar with the brands to a point where he gets playful with their names, as if then whiskey and the beer are so familiar that they are his friends. the last sentence of the first verse is an allusion to Van Morrisson who is a Northern Irish singer and songwriter.

What really struck me with the song is the passion he conveys in the part that comes next. He says that he kissed her on the neck and took her by the hand. This shows the caring and passionate side of the singer

What the song is known for is its fun to listen to tune. But this is what motivates a random person to listen to it (or research it and write an article about it)

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