Staying reserved

To add to the skill set that we made during these posts, staying reserved is a key factor of power. This fact would add to our mystery. Being mysterious adds a whole dimension to our unpredictability. By nature, we not only fear what might harm us In any way, we also fear what we don’t know the consequences of. If you are unpredictable, your actions would be unknown, and so will their consequences.

Virtually all of my life I’ve been trying to hide another face of my personality. My former roommate, Sandro Zoughaib, wasn’t totally with the idea of the blog, because being that open about my feelings in front of readers I’m not sure who they might be would kill the unpredictability that I was building up for twenty years. I know for a fact that the unpredictability is a very good asset by my side, but me opening up would be a very good idea to blow steam off.

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